Paradigm shift in global thinking on war

It is a good sign that the world, politicians in particular is viewing war as ‘business loss’. Recent de-escalation of India-Pakistan tension is result of international intervention of friendly countries on both side. It is surprising to note that those who are always shown rigidity to support war has preferred their own interest while advising war going nations to calm down.

Till a decade ago, ego of politicians played major role in any war that led severe human and property loss. WTO, globalization and technology brought every one on single platform to conduct business. Globe is like a village. A nation, whether small or big, powerful or weak is integrated to the rest of the world. No one want to lose business. International intervention before war is quite different than at the time of war. Big nations bring home big business through selling weapons to third world countries. Thus they always play tricks to rise war Adrenalin to sale defense and technology. But they realize that they will lose big business other than weapons if actual war begins. So they attempts to calm down and decelerate war adrenaline through diplomatic intervention. In essence its good for all! War can neither prevent destruction and human loss nor serve any constructive objective. Can we say this as major advantage of WTO and like treaties?

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