Diversion to rule replaces divide and rule in 21st century

Divide and rule is an old saying now. Britishers were using such techniques in 19th and 20th century to rule half of the globe. The current politicians use a brand new technique to divert people from the fundamental issues to issues they like most. Common mass loves fictional issues which are connected to the sentiments or emotions. Those issues are comparable to lure child for a chocolate to grab or exchange gold coin from him. Fundamental issues are education, employment, health, infrastructure, trade, business, governance, public welfare, safety, food security and so on. Debates on social media and TV will bombard on religion, personal allegation, invisible hands, fake numbers, chart and so on.

Division then follow automatically. Diversion becomes source to divide. People will divide to support different arguments, whether those arguments and logic have any conclusive and concrete effect on their life or not. Diversion and division on these lines are so strong that people will fight in between rather than asking the solution to the government. This phenomenon is universal. The globalization brought boundaries to perish among nations. Half truth run faster than the truth and fake news run faster than the light. Technology and globalization have accelerated speed of information flow to a great speed. Therefore not only the fake stories is exported across the boarder without tax, but such diversion techniques are exported with multiple fortified derivatives across the globe.


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