Governance and Leaderships are calibrated and assessed on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram

This is the age of technology. After invasion of technology, human age is over. We are driven by technology. We are victim of technology invasion. We have ceased to think beyond a limit. We now do not go in library to read volumes of books and read long articles. We glance on social media and derive every thing we want from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. We trust it. It is easier to go through several issues and subjects in few moments. We are going far from reality. Whether we are hungry or not is not material because the government have announced on Twitter that poverty is over and starvation deaths are now history. We are not bothered even prices of fuel and essential commodities have sky rocketed, because government have circulated comparative chart which shows absolute prices have increased but in real term it has gone down. Arithmetic and geometry till 20th century is no more valid now. If President says our GDP growth is  better than any previous government, then there is no need to think on what is actually GDP growth. If a minister declares on Instagram that road or bridge is constructed, then there is no need to verify it physically. If a secretary declares on Twitter that electrification in all villages is done, it is to be believed absolutely even there are cries from the dark villages shouts any thing. We are not concerned on reality. We are happy in virtual world. This is fantastic solution that brings thousands of like and comments on social media announcements. There is no need of actual material, labour or physical verification whether a road or bridge is constructed or not, whether electrification has resulted into lighting of a lamp or whether actual growth has taken place or not! It is outdated theory that verify my pocket, surplus and saving at the end of year. Several theories on evaluating different types of governance and leadership models are obsolete. Those model which have large number of followers, millions of like and thousands of comments on social media are sufficient evidence that governance is sound and leadership is extraordinary. Gone are the days that people will watch a cricket test match for six hours in a day and that too for five days! We have progressed from five days test to one day cricket. Over a period in one day cricket number of bowling overs were reduced from 60 to 50, then 50 to 40, and then 20. It will be sufficient if captains of both the team go on the ground in presence of umpires and thousands of spectators to flip a coin! In olden days, the toss, the flipping of a coin was used to determine which captain will have the right to choose if his team will bat or field. Now the toss will decide who have won the match. May be in future, no physical ground will be required to flip the coin, it can be done on social media.

Why to waste the time in collecting, collating, capturing, analyzing huge and complex data to interpret some thing obvious.  Why to read thousands of pages to understand complex theories? Theories are now simplified on social media. No complex formulas are required. All subscribers on social media are expert. Churn out simplest things, what common people likes? UNDP and other international organizations have now realized the threat of social media invasion. Let us wait and watch what far technology will take us! Till time, it is only individual wisdom which safeguard you and society. There is urgent need to segregate facts and fiction. There is need to segregate what is relevant and what is not. There is need to segregate what is reliable and what is not.  There is need to understand cause and effect relation. There is need to come out of myopia. There is need to have independent judgment based on facts and figures.

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