Importance of merit

Merit is important in deciding the rights when resources are limited. Except the sunlight, all resources are limited. It implies therefore that merit could be a sound base for several reasons how to distribute all resources. There can be specific set of indicators to determine merit for a particular resource. There can not be single set of indicators which can determine merit of all resources. The resources can be private or public. Private resources are exchanged through ‘consideration’, in modern time the ‘consideration’ is generally ‘money’. Over a period of time, more and more resources are taken in wings of private domain. Only public resources becomes issue to distribute or allot in which order. There are ample of resources (water, light, air…) which are considered fundamentals for the life. Those resources are free or directly or indirectly charged at nominal rates in welfare states. The other resources under question can be tangible (land, forest, plants, mine, petroleum etc.) or intangible (license, permissions, admission in educational institute, government employment etc.) Merit is a logical way to decide the order of distribution. The government decides logical way to distribute such resources at a fee or for free. It is debatable to decide logical way to determine what could construe merit. The merit can bring better productivity. If the State have 1000 acre land, it is always good that the land is used to yield optimum production. It is always better that a person who can most efficiently and effectively work should be employed for a public post. The merit also serve the purpose of justice. If justice prevail, it reduces the conflict amongst contenders. The merit promote competition and competition in turn promote efficiency and effectivity. Competition promote innovation.

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