Leaders are born or made?

Some people believes that leadership traits are inbuilt. Leaders are born to be leader. Many support alternative argument that leaders are made. Leaders can be trained. The hard question to be answered is; leadership theory can be taught in the class but can leadership traits  be developed without practice? Theories on swimming or driving can be taught in the class. Simulation can definitely help training a swimmer or driver without actually swimming or driving. But can such trainee swim or drive in harsh conditions? I am proposing augmenting theory. Leaders are born but they are trained by events. Crisis or events push leaders to offer solutions. Leaders are neither elected nor selected. Legislators are elected, managers are selected while princes are inherited. Leaders assume leadership on their own. Self drive is inherent character of a leader. Courage allow them to take risk. Leaders are fearless. They are innovative. They think differently. They have character to build trust amongst the people. Successful leader is persistent.  Above all, leaders see the problem in environment and have strong belief to bring solution. Their personality lead them in the field to assume responsibility. George Washington, Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi are all-time great leaders. Unless there was English rule or white hegemony, these leaders would not have attained the height they have achieved. Obviously, in any hypothetical situation, these leaders would have done some thing better in any field in which they might have worked. Their passion, communication abilities, innovative mindset, abilities to negotiate, persuasion power, humility, courage, self-determination and empowerment are essential traits and distinguish them from the mass. Those traits can be learned in the class, developed those skills in the field but more importantly those traits are innate and inherent. Their emotional profile and personality can be enhanced, expanded and improved by proper training, successive and diverse experience in the workplace, mentoring and behavioral coaching. Leaders are self learners and highly adaptive. They learn from the books. They learns from society. They learn from the field. They are best learners. Each event which make them leader is unique. So no copy-cat is possible. Each situation will have different dimensions and hence different solution. Thus, a leader is born in the field. Like a seed, leader can not grow as plant unless there is soil, water and sunlight. No plant has value unless there is demand of what it produce. Necessary ingredients for leader are: event, problem, personality traits as leader, solution and followers.

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