Imran Khan: New Captain in Pakistan

Imran Khan as cricketer him self established as par excellence sportsman and a leader with spirit, conviction and character. In his second inning as social service, while launching cancer hospital, he reflected his leadership by sensitive to public cause, transparency, showing capability to build institute many expert thought as impossible and generosity. His political journey is eye catching. He is good orator, well studied on the topic he speak and ability to connect common mass. He present his views to convince the mass. He brought and advocated concept of neutral umpiring in cricket. It will be good for Pakistan and the continent in general if he continues to practice principles of a leader he preached in Oxford Union speech, he vows three important character of a leader; (i) vision and ability to translate it into actions (ii) fearlessness to face consequences – the accountability and (iii) character to maintain credibility. His address to the nation after election was impressive when he talked about fight with corruption, removal of poverty, dialogue with neighbors and so on. The time will show how much he can do what he said, free hand he gets to work upon and team he select. To fight boldly with corruption is tricky issue, particularly as Prime Minister. Corruption is pervasive and ubiquitous in developing countries. The whole chains of people and several layers are involved in corruption.  Corrupt people are experts in exploiting vulnerabilities of ordinary citizens. Unless corruption is not controlled reasonably, poverty can not be eliminated. Poverty elimination is a complex process, where government agencies role is important but unless poor people are not able to get employed, permanent removal of poverty is misnomer. Through subsidies, poverty can not be fight with. To employ, poor people, there must be skill building programs and willing & able industry to employ them. This can not be build over night. Unless successive government persistently lay down long term policies, election rhetoric can not become reality. But obviously, a good leader can make some impact at least!

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