Paradigm shift in definition of citizen

Though there are several benefits of globalization. The side effect or negative impact of globalization is long term, irreversible, pervasive and devastating. Economies have grown manifold. Growth has taken place. But, the growth distribution is screwed, uneven and unjust. Rising income inequality and the polarization of societies pose a risk to the global economy in 2017 and could result in the rolling back of globalization unless urgent action is taken (World Economic Forum). Eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity (Oxfam). Every thing is now looked as business. Particularly in South Asia, Africa and Latin America; politics is treated as business. The concept of social service in politics is lost in wave of globalization. Small business, entrepreneurship and employment is under shadow of extinct. Large corporate gets benefit of economies of scale and political nexus, though at a price. People come in the politics to earn money. They consider politics as a business. For them citizen is a customer. Customer is always looked as source of profit. How can you expect a politician, who treat politics as business will think of social welfare? Those politicians like a business-man are good at marketing and event management. Politics in modern day is all about number on social media. The number of followers, likes and comments drive the politics. Hardly few people will check ground reality. Success is not measured on ground, it is measured on mobile app. The actual impact is becoming irrelevant. No one is bothered on real impact. The impact on social media is new instrument to measure success. 18th and 19th century marked with evolvement of impactful sensitive leaders. They were representative of common mass. Different part of the world have to wait for leaders to born who can understand problem of common people. It is the time one should ask one self, you would like to be treated as citizen or customer? The leader will come from your thoughts. You are the source of what you want.

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