NRC in Assam: Balancing Governance System through Democratic Process

Issue in Assam is misled by political parties and TV pundits. No country can run stable government on pure humanitarian talks what TV pundits are preaching 24×7. It is not only right of the sovereign government to decide who can be it’s citizen but also a necessity to bring certainty in governance system. Therefor NRC is sine-qua-non for creating a record for legitimate citizens, thereby keeping out who are not so. Opposition and TV pundits are crying foul that four million people are kept out. NRC is being prepared under order of the top court and this is a draft which will be rectified if there is genuine mistake. It is but natural that there can be mistake in data collection and analysis, because of pertinent reasons – data is old and classified under time periods. Being data is old, adding spice to that it has passed through 2-3 generations. Hence it is obvious, record may not be properly maintained at some level. There is no uniform rules possible or rigid set of document that can or can not be adapted as evidence. More than 50,000 employees have taken discretionary decisions which may bring obvious differences. Home Minister and Supreme Court have wisely spell out assurance no coercive actions will be taken against those who are not in the list. Rather they will be provided opportunity to represent their case before authority. No country can afford to open their boarder always on humanitarian ground. The stand taken by respective government is valid and reasonable.

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