No confidence motion against Indian Government – pattern of world politics in next decade

This was the first such challenge to the Modi government. The fate of motion is solely based on number rather than the merit. The government had sufficient number to survive the threat. Though, it was well within predictable that the motion will be defeated. The purpose of motion was to bring issues on public domain that opposition want to expose the government failure. The motion is ultimately defeated. Opposition could bring many issues on floor that will give momentum to 2019 election propaganda. Government will get platform of over 7-8 months to counter the opposition. The opposition will get time to unite. The real issue in 2019 election is the number. The number in favor and against on issues that are debated. Political parties will try to score by floating issues that will help themselves and damaging opponents. Hardly some one will think which issues will really change life of the citizen, the common mass. As usual, a citizen will be trapped in such debates and that will help politicians to garner power in their power.

It is unfortunate that political parties are trying to take advantage of peoples’ vulnerability and poor sentiments by verbal attacks based on irrelevant issues. Such theatrics distract people from real issues to trivial issues. There is a need to create awareness among mass, what are your real issues. No community can develop without sound education, health and industry. There can not be good governance if poor and illiterate masses are struggling for education, health and employment. No one is going to help people if they do not understand and realize what should be the priorities. The government is made up of people. The leadership make a difference, but it should come from aspiration of the mass, the aspiration that can provide equitable, sustainable and real growth. The current age world over is living under numbers that politicians are showing, far from realistic and mirage in real terms. Politicians world over have developed expertise to use data wisely that are helping them politically rather than changing the life of citizens. They will articulate inference in such a manner that conclusion will be far from the truth, defeating the spirit and mislead the common man. Political study in time to come will have to be re-written. Social media is the handy tool for mass and false propaganda. Man is becoming victim of its own clicks on twitter and social media.

Politics across the globe in last few years have taken paradigm shift. Hardly politicians come from the lowest cadre who know real issues. There is complete real disconnection of political leaders with common man. Politicians are grown in airconditioned chambers through laptops, mobile and wifi. There is no need for politicians  to go in field. A person who has never been employed will become trade union leader. A person who himself have not studied in a college will become educationist and member of several study boards. So no expertise has built in a given field, but one will be come chairman of bank without  knowing banking or a non-doctor will become chairman of a corporate hospital. Chairman of soccer or cricket or golf or hockey club will be person who have never played particular game even at street level. How can we expect banking or health reforms or good governance, if the person at the helm is not fit for the post? Unfortunately, no body ask the authority why a leader of particular institute is coming from the top rather than drawing from bottom? Let us see, how the world is shaping in next decade.

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