Mob lynching – Social Media responsible for inhumane actions and anarchy?

The psychic of people time immemorial is unchanged. A person will do he like if there is no fear of legal actions of what s/he does.  Mob actions are driven based on belief that what others are doing is for the good cause and individual is not responsible for collective actions. Mob is driven by culture, philosophy and political movements. Mob is driven by anger. An individual do not know that what will be the ultimate fate of the victim. everybody is contributing ‘little’ to the big crime. Such people are generally young, poor and member of vulnerable communities. The vulnerability may be related to ideology, e.g. they van be mislead easily by fake news, fabricated stories, mythologies and so forth. It is matter of research, the government should study the composition of such mobs, if the result therefor can be of any help in tightening law and order or creating awareness or preventing such crimes by proper watch. People mindset is historically same but technology provide fuel to spread fake news, fabricated stories, mythologies to catch victim. Social media plays vital role in swift illegal and inhumane actions. The government machinery should work  on preventing such hates but also to make accountable people who make money providing social platform. Technology companies are earning lot of money, but hardly they expend money in research to prevent such crimes. Along with the government, technology companies must engage in meaningful research. The government must held technology companies and their key officers accountable – civil and criminal. Risk and return run parallel. If technology companies returns on investment is very high, they must also be ready for incidental and collateral risk arising due to mob actions. Unless, examples are not set that any person even minutely responsible to lead mob crime, will have to pay for such actions, mob lynching will continue. So creating fear and demonstrating actions are necessary to control mob lynching. Mob lynching are common in regions where population is very high and that of the low income and low literacy. It is unheard any mob lynching in North America, Europe or Japan, while its occurring in South Asia, also visible in Africa nd Latin America.

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