Education, Unemployment and Skill Gap

Do educational institutes fulfill their obligation to supply proper workforce?

This question is negatively answered for most of the institutes across the globe. India is not an exception. There is wide gap in the skills required by the industry vis-à-vis supplied by education institutes. Over 75 per cent graduates are not employable. What are the reasons for this gap, quantum and the nature of gap? It is observed that there is no link between the institutes and industry. Institutes are lagging to industry. Industry is actively working to beat the competition and hence bring innovations in the products, processes, strategies, business models and techniques. Industry creates knowledge through research; it uses research in real life to solve problems. Industry pays for solving problems, this motivates employee to perform. It is a question of survival and growth for industry and employee. Institutes are designing curricula based on what has happened in the industry, rather than what will happen in the industry or market. Institutes have very narrow focus while they teach students. They are governed by rules rather than reality. The curriculum focuses on prescribed and sink knowledge. Industry requires dynamism. Institutes teach to solve existing problems. Industry requires people who can solve new problems. Teacher and students’ performance is measured on wrong calibration of examinations. Examination systems are built to test memories rather than ability to solve real life problems. Subject knowledge is imparted in isolation. A good student may be capable to solve a problem in isolation, but real life situation in industry is complex; and hardly in isolation. The real life problems are complex, dynamic and resolved through team work. Students are prepared and tested in isolation. Team work and communication in industry is typical and sine-qua-non for success in industry. Education institutes fails to realize and gauge this problem.

Why there is growing unemployment?

More graduates are produced than what industry requires. Graduates produced are not employment ready. They do not have the skill what industry requires. Industry is able to train fresh people, drawing unskilled people from labour market and training them on job. It is cheaper to hire untrained labour and train on job. Institute do not realise they should produce what industry wants.
Industry is able to recruit manpower they want?

It is not necessary the graduates are employment ready. It is possible, industry requirement is too dynamic or confidential that institute can not supply. Several study concludes that more than three fourth graduates are not employable and few of them even not convertible after training. Therefore, there is always shortfall of people!
Are all graduates employable? Why?

No. World wide this is true. Institute some time do not know what is industry requirement, because simply they do not bother on such problem of industry. In many case, the institute have no skill to anticipate skill required and in few cases, industry requirement is so dynamic and confidential or require on job training.
Are education institutes realistic in visualizing industry skill requirement?
Are skill set is static?

Education governance system hardly take responsibility to empower themselves to do such a job.
Education institutes are not responsible and accountable for their actions?

This is the question that education institutes and regulators should answer.

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