Role of a Woman Leader in Cooperative Dairy Movement: Story of Nddb – Woman Empowering Women

As per ‘year 2001 census’ population of India stands to be 1027 million where 496 million are female inhabitants, i.e. 48% of total population consist of women. For sustainable economic and social development to take place in any country, it is necessary that people participate in the necessary economic and social process. The process of participation is complex — and it is by no means clear that it is comprehensively inclusive. By this, we mean that it is not possible to assume that all sections of the population take part effectively in the economic, social and hence political and democratic processes of society. There are many reasons why people may not participate — from apathy to a sense of helplessness. Women are one side of a coin, half in every respect, then why not in socio-economic and political power? National Dairy Development Board, India, an apex development organisation initiated by Government of India to replicate successful white revolution movement amongst small farmers, by affirmative actions empowered women and made them involved in socio-economic activities. The paper discusses various schemes launched by NDDB and its benefits to women and society.

Download from SSRN:

Keywords: women empowerment, dairy, gender
JEL Classification: J16

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