Ramdev Foods: A Case Study on Marketing Strategies, Supply Chain Management & Retailing

Ramdev Food Products Pvt Ltd. was amongst the first few companies to venture into branded spices. The spices market in India was largely an organised sector. The company grew from a small flour mill to a big concern with a decent product mix within a short span. The turnover of the company grew from Rs1 crore in 1989 to Rs 82 crores in 2007-2008. The company had also made its presence felt in the international market. It had been following a duel branding strategy for catering in the global market. Within the country, it had been competing with big time players like MDH, Badshah and Eastern through continuous innovations in packaging, excellent quality and a strong distribution network. The company had also gone for diversification, thereby enriching its product portfolio. Full case available on European Case Clearing House.


Keywords: Food Products, Spices, Masala, Marketing Strategies, Supply Chain Management, Retailing
JEL Classification: M3

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