Individual & Social Capacity Building and Institutional Development Through Promoting Self Help Groups & Cooperatives – Sustainable Rescue Approach for Fragile States

Fragile States are ultimately composed of weak population; the reasons thereof may be natural, physical, political, social or otherwise. Improvement of the situation on sustainable basis is possible if the population, more particular at bottom get out of such weakness/es. Unless population does not derive strengths themselves, stability & economic growth of the individual & society remains vulnerable to shocks.

Cooperatives are member driven organisations and work on Anti-Darwin principle, Cooperatives are shelters of weak people, and they survive & grow on principles of survival of weakest. This paper would like to bring model build up of peer members (Self Help Group), an informal institute and Cooperatives, a formal institute. The blend of model develops individual capacity in terms of economics & social value and also institutional building that support them on sustainable basis. The discussion would like to suggest different models for different vulnerability indices.


Keywords: Fragile State, SHG, Cooperative, Capacity Building
JEL Classification: P13, O1

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