Construction & Maintenance of Farm-Roads from Local Materials & Technology by Farmers’ Cooperatives

It is interesting to note that the roads leading to Indian Farms in any rural area is generally kacha made up from local soil, sand and stones. It leads to various problems including safety, environmental, wastage of energy, lesser efficiency, problem in delivery of seeds, pesticides, and fertilizer to the farms and so forth, similarly finished products to the markets. The problem mounts in rainy season.

Indian cooperatives are really working well, particularly in rural area. They are using all resources including management skill locally available. Each farmer is affected by lack of proper road and interested to contribute if good roads are available. Indian cooperatives are pervasive in farmers’ rural life to the extent 100% villages are covered by some kind of cooperative society. Farmers themselves may extend the scheme to the basic infrastructure need to construct & maintain road. It may be noted that comparatively the farm yield in India is very low and due to poor infrastructure (transportation and storage), the farm produce waste is too high. This paper suggests means and ways to address these issues.

Download full paper from SSRN:


Keywords: farm road, cooperatives
JEL Classification: H54, Q1

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