Case Study on World Bank Institute’s Global Web-Based Course on Decentralization and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations

Rapid globalisation (economically, financially, politically, socially and physically) is the order of the day. Limited resources and unlimited claimants. Limited resources and many to decide who will use resources? when? and how? Users scattered all over the world. They need to learn the best practices in efficient and effective use of resources. Every individual and organisation is in search of solution. There is no unique solution to a problem. One can design his own solution to his problem. Thanks to technology. By interacting peer members all over the world. There is a challenge and opportunity. Who can coordinate and can work not only as a bridge but as inspirer, motivator and supporter. This has emerged socially responsible institute more vibrant, efficient and effective. WTO, World Bank, United Nations and such other international agencies in turn played an active role to fulfill the demand of the time. World Bank, a truly international organisation in terms of its obligation and performance, 170 plus member as country government, thousands of clientele, hundreds of subject matters across the globe and every thing in bulk make them difficult in managing, particularly in knowledge disseminating and sharing experience. This is because of different countries, different level of participants, different timing and one objective! World Bank Institute, within this plethora of problems, managed result oriented web courses through using appropriate technology and teaching pedagogy. The Public Finance Program of World Bank Institute has successfully completed eight web courses on Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Fiscal Decentralization.

Download full paper from SSRN:

Keywords: ITC, Web Course, World Bank, Case Study
JEL Classification: I2

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