Analyzing Indian Diaspora: Pyramid Impact on Reforms & Migration Pattern

Migration is as old as human civilization. It is human tendency to migrate to better places, a rationale. Migration has been described by scholars in many ways. Migration in general refers to permanent living in other regions then origin of birth. In the current time, migration has become necessity for economic, social & political reason. In recent time, migration is also influenced by technology war. Migration is helping both, the original & destination country. Migration is some time mandatory and voluntary many time. This research paper attempts to work on transnational migration of Indians after 1800 AD and limits it on two aspects; i. those who were born in India after independence (August 1947) and are living outside India permanently; ii. Those who or their parents were born in United India in or after 19th century and are permanently living outside India.

The paper aims to analyze the pattern of migration of Indians over time and its impact on India. Beside we discuss economic, social and political impact and how it influenced reform in education, societal & political, we argue that the flow have distinct character in each wave based on the destination, factor behind migration, skill set of migrant. The patterns of the flow of people between countries are widely influenced by international economic, political and cultural interrelations those have positive impact on Indian economy, society and culture. But two positive intricacies discussed in this paper is not discussed by any researcher so far. The first one is the people who migrated in first waves have provided the base for the second. The second is imitation of the first migrant by the next potential migrants was the prime cause including their support converted them into migrants.

Keywords: Indian diaspora, migration, pattern

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